National Diabetes Audit

National Diabetes Audit (NDA) Participation

As reported in the NDA, concurrent achievement of all 3 NICE-recommended treatment targets in individuals with diabetes has not significantly improved in recent years. Additionally, the most recent NDA (2014-15) highlighted that only 19% of patients with type 1diabetes and 41% of patients with type 2 diabetes are concurrently achieving all 3 treatment targets.

The new CCG IAF aligns key objectives and priorities with The Five Year Forward View, NHS Planning Guidance, and the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). It includes a set of 60 indicators across 29 areas including diabetes data on the following:

  • the three NICE-recommended treatment targets (HbA1c, cholesterol and blood pressure) for adults and one (HbA1c) for children with diabetes
  • the number of people with diabetes (diagnosed less than a year) who attend a structured education course

The NDA is the main mechanism for collecting information on the national diabetes priorities some of which will be incorporated in CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework (IAF).

A national priority is to increase GP participation in the NDA so that all CCGs have a sufficient level of participation in order to reliably measure their diabetes outcomes in the CCG IAF.  The use of the NDA is not only being encouraged because of the review of the national priorities, it is also a useful data source in identifying areas for improvement in diabetes care within general practice. Unlike QOF the NDA uses individual patient data and can identify the relationships between patient characteristics and their care/outcomes, for example, the NDA separates data for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, includes all ages and reports age-related breakdowns. It also has been linked with HES (complications) and ONS (mortality) data, so that day to day care can be linked to long term diabetes outcomes. The NDA is available via an interactive spreadsheet allowing GP practices/CCGs to see their results including pre-populated tables and charts.

To support the participation of the NDA the network has:

  • Benchmarked current participation by CCG and shared these results with CCG commissioners
  • Circulated NDA participation guidelines to GP practices via e-bulletins in June and July 2016
  • Ensured CCGs are fully aware of the importance of the NDA including the links to the CCG IAF and NDPP
  • Liaised with the HSCIC, national diabetes team and CCGs to support increased participation

For current performance please see the data dashboard