National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) launched in March 2016

The Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) aims to significantly reduce the four million people in England otherwise expected to have Type 2 diabetes by 2025.

In 2016/17 the Network worked with areas to support readiness to implement the NDPP, for example collating a range of materials, offering advice on application completion and running planning workshops.  Events included presentations by providers and also by colleagues who had already started the process, highlighting the lessons learned and sharing their experiences.


Four of the STPs were successful in their bids for Wave 2 of the programme. This will cover 348 GP practices, a GP registered population of 3109642, with the ambition of generating approx. 11000 referrals in the first year. The network has to help implementation leads launch and monitor their local programmes. The Network is now support those remaining STPs in its mobilisation for wave 3.

Online tool now available

Economists from ScHARR, the University of Sheffield, have developed an online tool for local health economies to use in order to establish potential return on investment for diabetes prevention work. We are looking to test the tool with the help of demonstrator and first wave sites before making it available nationally. Some of you have already tested the tool, but it would be helpful if others could try it out and provide feedback.

A link to the tool is below and a user guide and technical appendix are attached here to assist you.

On completing the tool, a users’ report will be generated and an email will be sent to you with two things: i) a link to the results, and ii) a link to a survey to provide feedback to ScHARR. This survey form can be used to provide feedback.

If you experience any technical issues please get in touch with Susi Sadler at

Return on investment information poster


Supporting Health Economies preparing for implementation 20-02-2017

Supporing LHEs preparing for implementation – Annex 1 – Part A

Supporing LHEs preparing for implementation – Annex 1 – Part B

Supporing LHEs preparing for implementation – Annex 1 – Part C

Eligibility Changes relating to the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme: Revised Guidance


The prevalence of Type 2 diabetes has been rising fast, driven by increasing obesity. The numbers of people diagnosed with the condition are projected to grow from 2.7 million in 2013 to 4.6 million in 2030. In addition, a further 5 million people are estimated to be at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.