Early Intervention Psychosis peer review programme launched in the South West

In 2015/16, a new access and waiting time standard was introduced to ensure that more than 50% of people experiencing first episode psychosis commence a NICE recommended package of care within two weeks of referral. To complement the quantitative assessment of this service the South West EIP Peer Review programme aims to provide a qualitative perspective on the service reflecting the experiences of service users, carers and staff members. This approach is designed to provide a rich complement to best practice and offer constructive feedback on how services might be improved.

Following careful consideration we have decided to use ‘appreciative enquiry’ as the methodology for our SW Peer Review. This maximises our chances of uncovering and showcasing rich stories (qualitative descriptions) to complement the detailed quantitative data collected via recent national and regional audits. We expect that this approach will uncover creative examples of best practice which will inspire other Early Intervention services and further drive up standards.
Dr Frank Burbach, South West IRIS EIP Preparedness Lead

The South West Mental Health Clinical Network is working with the NHS England South Region EIP Programme to pilot this peer review programme across 11 EIP teams in the region. Peer Review team training has been provided in Bristol and Exeter in January 2017. Peer Review visits are scheduled for January and February 2017 with draft qualitative reports being sent to teams for comment the following month.

For further information about the South Region EIP programme please visit the Time4Recovery South Region EIP website. You can discover more about the work of the South West Clinical Network at www.swscn.nhs.uk