Paediatric Surgery Network

The principle aim of the Network is to work with surgeons, urologists, paediatricians, nurses, managers and commissioners to:

  • strengthen collaboration between District General Hospitals and specialist paediatric centres
  • be child focussed
  • encourage high quality care as close to home as possible
  • ensure timely succession planning for surgeons
  • audit the work in both tertiary centres and District General Hospitals to ensure high standards of care and the same standards in all centres
  • invest in appropriate training of future clinical staff
  • support CPD and revalidation.

The underlying principle of the Network in the South West is taken from Dennis Browne:
“The aim of paediatric surgery is to set a standard not to create a monopoly” – Dennis Browne, a founding member of British Association of Paediatric Surgery.

Guidelines for SW Surgeons