Diabetes Foot care

Following the peer review of diabetic foot services across the South West the network has continued to monitor implementations of the key recommendations. There have been significant improvements in the amputation rates in some areas and work is still required to ensure that all CCGs across the South West are equal or better than the national average for foot amputations. Work has included:

  • Improving the quality of the annual foot assessment in primary care was one of the key recommendations. It was agreed to update the content of the NHS Scotland FRAME module to reflect NICE guidance and to make this accessible for all health care professionals across the South West and subsequently it was extended to cover all of England. The England version of FRAME was launched on 1 February 2017 with a widespread media campaign. FRAME
  • Produced Root Cause Analysis (RCA) resource package with Diabetes UK.


  • Developed standards to support implementation to orthoses for high risk patients Hyperlink

Quality standards – orthotic services for patients with diabetes in the South West