Parity of Esteem – programme update

People with poor physical health are at higher risk of experiencing mental health problems and conversely those with poor mental health are more likely to have poor physical health. Currently physical and mental health treatments tend to be viewed, and delivered, as separate health services.

The vision for Parity of Esteem is to create an integrated approach to the commissioning of services which address the physical needs of those with mental health problems and address the mental health needs of patients with a physical problem.

The first meeting of the Parity of Esteem Expert Reference Group, the body responsible for the direction of the programme, was held on the 22nd July 2014. Attendance at the meeting was multi-disciplinary and representatives from a range of organisations in the South West were present. Discussion focused on the work programme for the coming year and a revised version of this that incorporates this conversation will be circulated shortly for approval. However there are some projects where work has already begun and the group supported these, which include:

  • Smoking cessation and respiratory health in people with mental health problems – working in partnership with the SW Respiratory Network to improve the provision of suitable services for those with mental health issues. A summit is planned for the 11th November and further details of this event will be published soon.
  • Follow-up protocols for patients prescribed anti-psychotic medication – working with our medicines management team to review the support available for those dealing with the side-effects of anti-psychotic drugs
  • Training programme to support the physical health in serious mental illness CQUIN – local delivery of a training programme for mental health nurses which will support implementation of the national physical health CQUIN.

For further information on any aspect of this work please contact us