Prevention and Early Diagnosis

Patients who are diagnosed earlier have a better chance of being treated successfully for cancer and surviving for longer. Nearly 25% of all cancers across the South West, are diagnosed following an emergency admission to hospital. By raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer in the general population and optimising clinical practice and systems to improve access to diagnostics it is hoped to improve the rates of early diagnosis and treatment of cancers.

Our Prevention and Early Diagnosis Groups in both the Peninsula and SWAG Cancer Alliances bring together clinicians and commissioners to support improvements in the timely diagnosis of cancer across the South West.

Final Q1 1819 SWARD PLC Evaluation Report

SW Alliances Rapid Diagnostic Pathway for Lung Cancer Project Bulletin May 2018

Audit of Patients Diagnosed with Cancer following an Emergency Admission

Peninsula Cancer Alliance – Prevention and Early Diagnosis Meetings:

17th May 2017:

Early Diagnosis Meeting 17th May 2017 – MINUTES Draft 2

21st June 2017:

PCA_Early Diagnosis Meeting_21June2017_AGENDA
South Cancer 62 Day Rapid Recovery Plan 19 May 2017jb
PCA Early Diagnosis Meeting_Agenda Item 6_ Information and Analysis Work Programme
Early Diagnosis Meeting 21st June 2017 – MINUTES

18th October 2017:

PCA P&ED Meeting Minutes_18 Oct 2017
PCA PED Agenda 18 Oct 17

SWAG Cancer Alliance – Prevention and Early Diagnosis Meetings:

22nd November 2017:

SWAG Cancer Alliance Prevention & Early Diagnosis Meeting Agenda 22112017
DRAFT Terms of Reference SWAG Prevention and Early Diagnosis
SWAG ED Extract Nov 17
Cancer_Outcomes_Emergency_Presentation_October_2017_v2_0 Cancer_Outcomes_Stage_at_Diagnosis_November_2017_v2_0
Copy of SWAG Data Nov17