Diabetes remains high on the national agenda and is identified as one of the 10 top national priorities. The cardiovascular network work programme as mandated by NHS England will focus on:

  1. Supporting the implementation of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP)
  2. Increasing the percentage of people with diabetes (diagnosed less than a year) who attend a structured education course
  3. Piloting the implementation of a community pharmacy-led patient activation and medicines compliance service for patients with Type 2 Diabetes to reduce further complications through improved self-management
  4. Improving the achievement of the three NICE-recommended treatment targets (HbA1c, cholesterol and blood pressure) for adults and one (HbA1c) for children with diabetes
  5. Improving access to multi-disciplinary diabetic foot teams and to reduce the number of lower limb amputations in high risk diabetic patients and other complications.
  6. Improving access to specialist diabetes teams for inpatients
  7. Increasing direct referral from the ambulance service to community diabetes service-ie diabetic specialist nurses
  8. Increasing GP participation in the National Diabetes Audit (NDA)