Please see below a list of our events and the relevant programmes and presentations.

22 February: South West Early Intervention in Psychosis Workshop
22 Feb 2016 EIP Service Devt workshop Taunton Rugby Club
2016-02-22 South West SCN EIP Workshop
EIP Workshop Plan
04 February: Crisis Collaborative
Crisis Collaborative Agenda 160204
Crisis Care LM-W
Crisis Discussion
Afternoon Session – notes
Gloucestershire CCG update
27 January: CAMHS Transformation Workshop
CAMHS Transformation update SDT CCG Jan 2016
CAMHS Transformation Workshop Agenda 270116
CAMHS Workforce planning project- key contact list
Somerset Presentation for NHS England Event 27 Jan on TP C&YP
14 January: IAPT Expert Reference Group
160114 ERG Agenda
IAPT dashboard December 15
IAPT Services Survey On Complexity 13.01.2016
07 January: Dementia Improvement Group
160107 Dementia Improvement Group Agenda
Care Home LES Overview Presentation – January 2016
DDR dashboard 2015-16

REPoD Admiral Nurses
scn-dementia-newsletter-issue 10 October 2015

17 December: South West Mental Health Transport Review Launch
AGENDA SW MH Transport Review Launch 151217
PID 6 Jan 2016
South West Mental Health Transport Review launch- next steps document
Transport Steering Group ToR V2 Jan 2016
GSub Group Transport Review notes LB KG DAP from Dec 2015 Workshop
Mental Health Ambulance Conveyance
Transport Workshop 17 Dec
16 December: Regional Early Intervention in Psychosis Masterclass
16 December: South Region Mental Health Priority Programme Board
18 November: South Region Mental Health Priority Programme Board
October practices
IAPT Jul 15
Dementia MHB 2015-11-17
12 November: Crisis Collaborative
Crisis Collaborative Agenda 151112 (2)
flip chart write up Crisis collaboration event 11th November 2015
Cheryl Kipping – London Calling – SWSCN presentation
Crisis Concordat SCN report Bristol November 2015
Naomi Philips Presentation – CCC – Nov 2015
NEW Devon Presentation to SW Crisis Collaborative
Richard Edwards Presentation SW Clinical Network Nov 2015
Somerset presentation Crisis Care collaborative Nov 15
Welcome slides
Wiltshire Crisis Care Concordat presentation GR
21 October: South Region Mental Health Priority Programme Board
151021 Agenda SR MH Priority Programme Board
Dementia Aug 15 South
Dementia Diagnosis Rates – South
Notes SR MH Priority Programme Board 150922
Operational Plan V3
16 October: CAMHS Assurance Masterclass
151016 CAMHS Assurance Masterclass
Masterclass 2015 – Induction session
12 October: IAPT Expert Reference Group
151012 IAPT ERG Agenda
APPTS presentation H Foster
Caroline Coxon SouthWest.Central.12.10.15
IAPT dashboard May 15
R Handley ERG 12 October
Recovery presentation BPCTTS October 2015
S GlosIAPT Expert Ref Group 6 10 15
samaritans slides for iapt meeting
22 September: South Region Mental Health Priority Programme Board
150825 MH Priority Programme Board Minutes draft1
150922 Agenda South Region Mental Health Priority Programme Board
20150803 CAMH Transformation Guidance Publication
Winter Readiness Letter 2015-16
10 September: Dementia Improvement Group
150910 DIG notes GB
10092015 Dementia Improvement Group Agenda
scn-dementia-newsletter-issue 9. June 2015
09 September: CAMHS Transformation Plans
25 August: South Region Mental Health Priority Programme Board
2015.07.14. IAPT.SDIP for CCG
2015-07-20 South EIP Matrix – July Update
150721 MH Priority Programme Board Minutes
150825 Agenda South Region Mental Health Priority Programme Board
150825 MH Priority Programme Board Minutes
Copy of 150819-IAPT_Summary-Apr15
Copy of 150819-OutOfArea-MHLDS
Copy of LP Services Survey (Commissioner)
Copy of LP Services Survey (Provider)
Copy of Perinatal Services – Apr-15
Liaison Psychiatry Services – Apr-15
MH dementia prog board – overview
SDU priority programme terms of reference V2
20 July: South West Mental Health Summit
2015-07-20 MH summit presentation final
NHS England 20th July 2015
Outputs MH Summit 20 July
SW MH Summit 150720 – Agenda
16 July: PIMH Launch Event
14 July: Personality Disorder Conference
SW PD Conference 150714 – Agenda
Commissioning Guidance – Personality Disorder Final
Community PD Services – Past, Present & Future
Early Intervention Presentation
Emergence Presentation
IAPT and PD Workshop
Interventions and Therapies in PD Workshop
ISIS Women’s Centre Workshop
Learning Disabilities and PD Workshop
Nexus Workshop
OPD National Strategy Presentation
Psychologically informed and enabling environments
Stigma Workshop
Working with Crisis in PD Presentation
10 July: IAPT Expert Reference Group
150710 IAPT ERG Agenda
IAPT dashboard 201415 summary
IAPT ERG – Ian Bramley
IAPT Service provision by CCG
MHD SWSCN IAPT Workforce Presentation
South West Regional IAPT workforce
SWStrategic Clinical Network 10072015
23 June: South Region Mental Health Priority Programme Board
150618 MH regional priority group evidence summary for PB
150623 MH Priority Programme Board Minutes
230615_Agenda_South Region Mental Health Priority Programme Board
Annex 1 – SDU priority programme TOR
Annex 2 – mh-access-wait-time-guid
Annex 3 – South Regional Priority Areas Summary
Annex 4 – Comms and engagement draft plan
Copy of IAPT Report – February 2015
PID_v2 Regional Issues Template
Regional Programme Template
South Regional Work Programme Priority Areas – SW
South Regional Work Programme Priority Areas
18 June: Crisis Collaboration
MHD SWSCN Crisis Collaborative Welcome 18 June 15
2. Keith Pople Mental Health Emergency Care Process Mapping
3. Dial House – Fiona Venner
4. Bristol Men’s Crisis House & Bristol Sanctuary – Paul Hudson
7. Chris Ellis and Simon Payne – CORE Study
8. Jim Symington – Progress on concordat
9. NEW Devon – Gavin Thistlethwaite 11. Bristol – Catherine Wevill
12. North Somerset – Natalie Huggens
13. BANES – Andrea Morland
18062015 Crisis Collaboration Event Programme and Storyboard
Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
Greg Thomas – Ways of managing crisis beds using NHS pathways IT system
HTAS – Sophie Hodge and Nicky Buley
16 June: PIMH Consolidation
15 June: MH Emergency Care
SW SCN Mental Health and Emergency Care 15 Jun 15 v0.1
10 June: CAMHS ODN
CAMHS ODN 10062015 – Meeting Agenda
Intro to CYP IAPT 10th june
04 June: Dementia Improvement Group
Alexandra Hodges – Joint Dementia Research
David Llewellyn presentation
Dementia Event Flyer 30.9.15
Helen Vaughan and Sarah Warne – Barbaras Story
Sue Greenwood presentation
Tammy Jones presentation
20 May: PIMH Working Group
06 May: PIMH Commissioners Event
Agenda PIMH Commissioners Event 06 May 15
17 March: MH Improvement Group
17032015 Agenda MH Improvement Group
MHIG Newsletter 17032015
SW Strategic Clin Network MH Improvement Group 17 03 2015
The new mental health access and waiting time standards
Working together to meet the challenges and make a difference
27 February: IAPT Expert Reference Group
150227 IAPT ERG Agenda
150227 IAPT ERG GB
5 year forward view JF
IAPT dashboard FB
IAPT Reporting
South West IAPT Expert Reference Group Mayden
19 February: Dementia Improvement Group
19022015 DIG – AGENDA
SCN-dementia-newsletter-issue 8 4 12 14 FINAL
04 February: Crisis Collaboration
Detailed Agenda
SWSCN MHDNC Crisis Collaborative Welcome 4 Feb 15 FINAL
A mapping exercise of crisis teams in the South West – Anna Bilham
Bristol Crisis Concordat and Street Triage Pilot – Catherine Wevill
National Research Study – Chris Ellis
Somerset Liaison and Diversion Service – Dr Karen Gough
Storyboard SWSCN MHDNC Crisis Collaborative 4 Feb 15 v0 2
Storyboard The Link with Zero Suicide – Adrian James.compressed
The SWSCN – current and forward plans – Justine Faulkner
03 February: CAMHS Operational Delivery Network
Setting up a CAMHS Operational Delivery Network in the SW – 3 February 2015 – Workshop Programme
14 January: MH Improvement Group
14012015 Agenda MH Improvement Group
19112014 MHIG Newsletter
14 January: Crisis Steering Group
100914 Meeting Notes Crisis Steering Group
140115 Agenda Crisis Steering Group

04 December: Dementia Improvement Group
04122014 DIG – AGENDA
CCGs by diagnosis rates 2014

Dementia Action Alliance
BO session – mh bed days
BO session – prevention
BOsession – early onset
DFC – ResourcePack_v2
Making Involvement Count
SCN Newsletter – Oct 14
19 November: Crisis Steering Group
19112014 Agenda Crisis Steering Group
19 November: MH Improvement Group
19112014 Agenda MH Improvement Group
19112014 Meeting Notes MH Improvement Group
Mental Health Network Dashboard V4
11 November: Perinatal and Infant MH Working Group
06 November: Perinatal and Infant MH Event
15 October: CAMHS Pathway Launch
CAMHS Launch Event – 15 October 2014 – Programme
1. Welcome Presentation
Group Discussions – Collated
Being a parent of a child with an eating disorder – Fiona Hamilton
Commissioning Better CAMHS in the South West – Justine Faulkner –
The role of CQC – Dr Hankin Tier 4 provision – Steve Sylvester
What Good Looks Like at CAMHS- Young Persons Perspective – Kate Fitzturner –
08 October: Zero Suicide Conference
18 September: Dementia Improvement Group
SCN-Dem Agenda 18.9.14
HSCIC dementia diagnosis data 2014
Mental Capacity and Dementia
Old Age Psychiatry LOS data Q4 2013-14
Regional Dementia Strategy 2014 v1.0 DRAFT
10 September: Crisis Steering Group
100914 Agenda Crisis Steering Group USE
100914 Meeting Notes Crisis Steering Group
10 September: MH Improvement Group
10092014 Agenda MH Improvement Group
Minutes MH Improvement Group
Liaison Update from Peter Aitken
4-model-service-specifications-for-liaison-psychiatry-services 10092014
Chief Medical Officers_report
Commissioning Better CAMHS
09 September: Network Steering Group
09092014 Agenda MH SCN Steering Group
MH Dementia & Neurology Steering Group – Minutes 09.09.14
15 July: CAMHS Working Group
09 July: MH Improvement Group
09072014 Agenda MH Improvement Group
09072014 Minutes MH Improvement Group
COPD Mental Health
MBU Report for SCN
ToC Somerset MH Alliance SW 30 4 14 – Add to agenda MHIG
08 July: MH Network Steering Group
25 June: CAMHS Working Group
17 June: Perinatal and Infant MH Working Group
11 June: MH Alliance
10 June: MH Intelligence Group
Agenda MH Intelligence Pilot Meeting – 10062014
22 May: Dementia Improvement Group
DIG Meeting 22052014 – Agenda DIG
22052014 Meeting Notes Dementia Improvement Group
Dementia_pres_220514_1118 Iain Lang and David Llewellyn
Meeting 22052014 Business case Jan10 Eric Holiday
DIG Meeting 22052014 CQUINS and Dementia 2014-15 Emma Moody
DIG Meeting 22052014 DES May 2014 – Peter Bagshaw
Dig Meeting 22052014 HD key worker Roles Eric Holiday
DIG Meeting 22052014 HD Presentation Eric Holiday
DIG meeting 22052014 Proposed Care Pathway Eric Holiday
DIG Meeting 22052014 Therapy Roles Eric Holiday
DIG meeting 22052014 What is HD Eric Holiday
14 May: MH Improvement Group
14052014 Agenda MH Improvement Group
14052014 Minutes MH Improvement Group
COPD Mental Health Cost of SW KUF- national personality disorder training
Measuring Mental Health Wellbeing Sarah
student-information (f)sheet
06 May: CAMHS Steering Group
01 May: Crisis Conference
Crisis Services in the South West Programme for day – 1st May 2014
ST update April 2014 – Crisis Event 01052014
Crisis network presentation
Devon Street Triage Pilot Service
Implementing the Crisis Concordat in the South West v2
Improving Outcomes for People in Crisis Jim Symington Naomi Phillips
25 April: Zero Suicide – Suicide Prevention
Agenda Suicide Project Group
25042015 Meeting Notes Suicide Prevention Steering Group (2)
25032014 Letter 25042014
22 April: Perinatal and Infant MH
17 April: Crisis Steering Group
17042014 Agenda Crisis Steering Group
17042014 Minutes -Crisis Steering Group
17 April: Network Steering Group
17042014 Agenda MH SCN Steering Group
17042014 Minutes – MH Dementia & Neurology Steering Group
13 March: MH Network Meeting
27 February: Dementia Development Group
Programme_for_day 27th February – Dementia
12 February: SW MH Commissioners Network Meeting
22 January: SW MH Commissioners Network Meeting
16 January: Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Conference
Presentation Jim Symington Naomi Phillips 1 May 2014
15 January: MH Network Meeting
07 January: Perinatal and Infant MH Working Group