NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme Planning Workshop 7 July 2016

NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme Planning Workshop

The South West Cardiovascular Network and Public Health England jointly held a planning workshop in Taunton on 7 July.  Chaired by Dr Martin James, Clinical Director for the CV network, the aim of the day was to help  areas prepare their Expressions of Interest (EOI)  ahead of the next wave of applications in September.

An overview was delivered by Jim O’Brian, National Programme Director for Diabetes Prevention, Public Health England and there was an opportunity to hear from many other speakers with direct experience of the process. Nicky Jonas and Abigail Kitt from the South East Cardiovascular Clinical Network, were able to bring a wealth of experience to share.  As a wave one site, Nicky and Abigail

have already been involved and were able to advise on many areas including the preparation of the EOI, TUPE issues, local prospectus and project implementation co-ordination.

Nithya Nanda, a General Practitioner from Slough CCG gave his view from a GP perspective, including how his practice identified people as well as details of the referral pathway used.  Angela Snowling, Public Health Consultant, Slough Borough Council talked about local authority public health contribution.

A panel discussion followed and there was plenty of time for questions so that everyone could make the most of the shared learning opportunity. Rachel Ferris from the South West Commissioning Support Unit followed by explaining the contract management process. 

The STP cluster group work session enabled table discussion and helped to identify key preparation areas.  Jan Bond and Debbie Stark from Public Health England brought the event to a close and thanked everyone for attending and for their ongoing support.

This was a forum to help establish links and acquire the tools to help pave the way for the future.

 07072016 Jim O'Brian 2

07072016 NHS NDPP by Jim O’Brien

07072016 NDPP Planning Workshop by Abbey Kitt & Nicky Jonas

07072016 Clinical perspectives on NDH referrals by Dr Nithya Nanda

07072016 A public health perspective by Angela Snowling

07072016 Contract Management Function by Rachel Ferris

NHS DPP – Readiness Toolkit (13.05.16)

NHS NDPP – NHSE South South East Prospectus

NHS NDPP – Return on investment technical appendix

NHS NDPP – Return on investment tool user guide

South East Collaborative – Expression of Interest v12 2015


Presentations from July webinar by NHSE

Presentation 1 Valabhji

Presentation 2 Salford

Online tool now available

Economists from ScHARR, the University of Sheffield, have developed an online tool for local health economies to use in order to establish potential return on investment for diabetes prevention work. We are looking to test the tool with the help of demonstrator and first wave sites before making it available nationally. Some of you have already tested the tool, but It would be helpful if others could try it out and provide feedback.

A link to the tool is below and a user guide and technical appendix are attached here to assist you.


On completing the tool, a users’ report will be generated and an email will be sent to you with two things: i) a link to the results, and ii) a link to a survey to provide feedback to ScHARR. This survey form can be used to provide feedback.

If you experience any technical issues please get in touch with Susi Sadler at susannah.sadler@sheffield.ac.uk