Managing the change

The SWIPC Programme is committed to:

  • Including people who need support in our work
  • Being open and transparent about everything we do and publishing all materials relating to the programme online
  • Maintaining a strong focus through high level regional leadership on the SWIPC Programme Board
  • Working with Health and Wellbeing boards to ensure local priorities are supported

How are we planning for this work?

The SWIPC Plan on a Page (2015/16) summarises the work undertaken to establish the programme.  A summary of what was achieved in Quarter 1 of the Programme is also available.

The SWIPC Programme Board meet for the first time in September 2014, and quarterly thereon.  You can view information regarding the Programme Board here including the terms of reference, membership, minutes and all Board papers.

We are currently working with local areas to produce their local plans, these too will be published here after sign off by local Health and Well-Being Boards (and other local decision making Boards).

SW IPC templates can be found here