Person Led care and support

Person led care planning is at the heart of personal health budgets and Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) initiatives.  The South West collaborative recognises that there are currently many person led care and support planning approaches that may be labelled as something else dependent on the cohort of patient/health condition. The Person Led care and Support Steering Group have developed the SWIPC Principles of Person Led Care and Support planning so enabling local teams to refine and develop their approach; and encourage alignment where possible with the IPC approach.

South West is high performing on Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) delivery

All CCG’s in the SW Region are required as part of their new core performance reporting to declare PHB numbers in the Markers of Progress returns. They are also being asked by NHSE to produce performance trajectories for PHBs. The SWIPC Programme team are available to support any local area on this. Please get in touch with Alison Sanders if you would like more information or support. The really good news is that the SW overall is a very high performer see the performance summary for more details

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