The Right Skills

Workforce Development Strategy to Support Integration

Health Education England South West (HEE SW) has sponsored the South West IPC Programme over the past two years, with a key deliverable to produce a Workforce Development Strategy to support integration. This has been developed in partnership across the region from colleagues from learning development roles and front line staff, as well as people who are experts by experience. This work has been well received by the national team looking at workforce issues and the regional team are now offering up the work to local STP teams


The Right Skills steering group is chaired by Clare Hinds (Associate Director Workforce Strategy & Planning, Health Education South West).

The group is focused on:


  • Producing a region wide development and training strategy to support integration
  • Developing and delivering a training and support package to support IPC implementation sites
  • Working with the voluntary and community sector to recruit and train Personal Assistants to support people
  • Effectively using £600k from Health Education South West for workforce development to support integration


You can read the minutes of the Right Skills Group meetings here